Ghoulio graduated in 2007 from Brooks Institute of Photography with a BA in Film & Video Production.  He spent 10 years in Los Angeles, CA working in a prop house as a professional graphic designer along with running his own video blog producing music videos, haunted house walkthroughs, horror movie reviews, effects makeup tutorials and much more. 

     in 2015 he released a feature length documentary #31DaysOfHaLLoweeNtheMovieThat same year he relocated to New Orleans to work on feature films, television and commercials as a performer. 

     Since 2016 Ghoulio has been working for a nationally recognized top 10 haunt, Dark Hour Haunted House in Plano, TX. During Ghoulio's time at Dark Hour, he has been working under the guidance of Show Director Allen Hopps in the media department. Ghoulio has worked over 30 shows at Dark Hour and has worked freelance for many other haunts as well.


     The most powerful weapon a haunted house can wield is a strong media presence capable of luring in massive quantities of guests.